Rain and Rays

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What a dramatic scene here, Larry. I like how you have captured the clouds and how the filtered light through the falling rains (?) in the distance. That light is pure magic. Some things to consider: I don’t see a lot of fine details that I would expect in an image like this, e.g. in the sand, definition in the clouds, etc. Although the people over the dunes look pretty sharp. Is this a big crop? What focal length did you capture this with? It could be that you don’t have enough depth of field and perhaps need focus stacking to capture the entire depth of field.

Larry, you have some very dramatic light and clouds in this scene, but to me it’s the inclusion of the people that makes this a more interesting image. The people provide a very important anchor to the overall composition, and I love how they are spotlit by the warm yellow light. I think your processing of contrast in the darker parts of the clouds has been pushed a little too far for my taste. The cloud at the top has some color shifts to purple, and a lot of grain or noise (I suspect from pushing the contrast as much as you have). I would try reducing contrast and saturation in the clouds, or running some Gaussian blur in photoshop to smooth out the added noise.

You did not indicate if this is a composite, but if you look at the enlarged version, something looks odd about the person on the right. It’s almost like the top half of that person’s body does not line up with the bottom half. I’m okay if you composited the people in, but something looks odd about the person on the right.

I agree with the other comments. It looks to me like there are four people on the right with the far right one overlapping one in front of him/her. Is that correct, or am I just seeing things.