Rain in Death Valley?

After finishing a session photographing Badwater, Death Valley, I returned to find my backpack sprinkled with rain drops. I was about to brush it off and put my camera away when I noticed the interesting patterns created by the drops.

Specific Feedback Requested

I like the composition, but wonder if it could be improved by a different crop. This is already a crop of the original. Any other feedback would be appreciated.

Technical Details

1/5", f/11, ISO 100, 24mm. Processed in Lightroom, adjusted curve, adjusted highlights, shadows, blacks, clarity and dehaze.


Hi Bill thanks for posting. I always find these sorts of images interesting. I have done something similar a number of times myself. I think there are a few other possibilities looking at the arrangement of the water. The image is interesting in its own right. However the lack of larger rain drops at the bottom does unbalance it just a little. I think the three larger droplets near the bottom on the right would be much stronger isolated or or the two slightly elongated ones at the far right in a vertical format would also work in my opinion. As it stands there are too many additional droplets scattered around the Frame and its difficult for your eye to follow a natural compositional trail!

Hi Bill,
This one caught my attention immediately. I like the monochrome nature of it, and the black in particular gives it an otherworldly effect: is it tar, glass, rock, water–backpack didn’t occur to me, and that’s great. It makes a wonderful abstract.

I’m with @Robert_Thompson on the crop possibilities. I downloaded and plated with a couple crops, rotations, and flips. I came up with two that have a nice variety of shapes, but the possibilities here are far more numerous. This is the beauty of an abstract shot like this. One frame=3 images, in many cases.

Anyway, here are a couple of crop options I played with in Windows Photo-viewer (that’s how I remember they are not mine!!) . I can imagine settling in and playing with these for an hour to find different combinations.

Well seen and captured. Enjoy!

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Robert and Marylynne.

Thank you both for the suggestions. ML, I really like the tighter crops and will go back to play with this. It is always fun to find something unexpected, especially when there are so many possibilities for compositions. This is actually a crop of a larger image, shown below.

Hi Bill great! Marylynne has posted some nice suggestions!