Rainbow and hummingbird

Yesterday evening, we had a double rainbow just before sunset. I thought it would make a Hallmark “moment” if I could capture a hummingbird against the rainbow. It was impossible to get the bird and the rainbow in focus simultaneously. This was the best of the batch. It is not a composite!

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback welcome.

Technical Details

D 500. Sigma 300mm 1/1000 sec at f/22. ISO 1600.

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Wow, talk about timing. I’d love some more context here so that it doesn’t look staged, but it is what it is. She looks reasonably sharp, but centered like that it feels sort of static. Boxed in. Totally different though!

Thanks for your comments . I know what you mean about context and centring, but there wasn’t much I could do. As you said, I think it’s a case of ‘it is what it is’! Here’s the next best shot.

Oh you caught her iridescence, too. I kind of like it better even though she’s facing away. Maybe a little too saturated in the bird, but otherwise kind of neat. As if she’s flying into the rainbow.

Interesting experiment in very very difficult to do. I prefer the first image from the standpoint of the pose and the second image for its positioning in the frame. But as Kristin states, the head is turned away in the second image. I think the composition is better the second image from the standpoint of positioning. This reminds me of trying to shoot flying swallows.

Both are super! You could probably get away with adding a little canvas on the left int he first one, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Great catch, Michael. I definitely prefer the first and as Diane noted, it would be easy to add a touch of canvas. It never occurred to me to try a shot like this and we get quite a few rainbows around here.

Hi Micheal
I think the first photo is just fine. I think it works, when the only object of interest is center framed.