Rainbow Lorikeet enjoying feeding at an umbrella tree

Rainbow Lorikeet enjoying feeding at an umbrella tree](https://images.naturephotographers.network/original/3X/9/9/99e193db2635c46d9e6c81169f96f861dce1200a.jpeg)

This shot of Australia’s most colourful bird was taken in my garden almost overhead as the bird was right up the top of the tree. Shot with my Panasonic G9 and 100-400mm lens so quite heavy for me to hold up to get a steady shot from that angle!

Technical Details

Composite: No
Panasonic G9 1/640 sec. f/5.5 264mm ISO 500 with some light sharpening and brightening in Luminar A1

Hi and welcome Catherine!

I had to laugh at your post and your shot because if you swap out the bird species, I could have written this exact same thing. I was sitting on my deck with the same rig (G9 & P/L 100-400) shooting almost straight up over my head to a bird in the top of a tree. Hilarious.

Anyway…looks like a terrific bird to watch. I bet they have antics. While the sharpness looks ok, it seems a bit noisy in the sky. I like the way the branches arc across the shot.

Hi Kristen, thanks for your comment and yes I agree about the noisy sky I forgot to denoise it! I still have a lot to learn about editing and photography in general but I’m very passionate about it especially nature and birds in particular there are so many different species where I live here in SE Queensland and right here in and around my own garden and surrounds. The rainbow lorikeets are indeed beautiful as are so many other Australian birds and yes they’re quite comical and noisy too! I’m originally from Scotland where a lot of birds have duller colours to match the climate I guess! but puffins and red robins add a splash of colour. I lived in the US for two years in Florida and Kentucky before emigrating to Australia and I have many pre digital photos of birds I photographed there. My favourite was the Red Cardinal we had a family in our garden in Lexington. I’ll be posting regularly in different categories and will welcome critiques this was just a trial shot to see if it worked, one of my sons gave me my subscription for my birthday a few days ago. I look forward to enjoying the work of others too so far I’ve seen some amazing and very inspiring photography.