Reawakened River

Waist high whitewater and reawakened cascades after three months worth of rain in two days.

A struggle I’ve found is recently limiting me more and more is that the ‘better’ scenes are most often found deeper into the wilderness and the ‘better’ light is often later in the day. On top of this, wading through waist deep water and on top of slippery rocks is definitely something I’d much prefer not to do in the darkness. I’ve definitely been pushing my luck in how far I can go and how late I can stay out before hurriedly turning around and hauling ass out before it gets too dark.
The overnight expedition is calling…

16mm, f11 iso 100, 5 second exposures, two frames focus stacked plus water blended in at f8 1/3 iso 250



Well your end result image seems to have paid off! Really like the soft light of this image! Looks like a really nice photography area you got there.

Thanks @Jose_Torres! New Zealand really is an amazing place for photography. My entire portfolio is shot at various locations all within two hours drive from my home. What really excites me is that there’s so so much more out there to see and explore.

This is what I’ve explored so far.

This is what’s left

Just imagine the scenes that are out there, deep in the bush that not only have never been photographed, but literally never seen before.

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Looks like you have a lot of work in front of you! And that is a good thing! Good Luck on your explorations.

This is right up my street. Love the subdued light and colours.

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