The Sun and the Sea recede into darkness and retreat from the approaching night.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any is welcome.

Technical Details

Canon EOS R
6 Sec. @ f 11
105mm, ISO 100


This really works for me. The mysterious rock seems to be rising out of fog yet we have surf behind it. There is a surrealistic aspect in all this in that it does not make logical sense. And that’s a large part of the appeal. The incongruous components are mysterious in themselves as well. Well done in my opinion.

This is quite original, Todd. It feels larger than it is. I like it a lot and wouldn’t change a thing.

Todd, I was not real sure what I was looking at…how do you get sunlight in the middle of the swells and no horizon line, must have been strong isolated side lighting. Originally I thought the textures on the outcrop were seabirds, but closer up they look like barnacles and and mussels so you must have been fairly close to your subject. I also thought it may have been taken by a drone or an airplane window shot. So my first look at the image was clouded in intrigue and mystery.

At any rate, the long exposure with the sea mist/fog and the wash of gold sunlight make this extraordinary. However, the square format does not enhance what you have. I would crop most of the foreground and play with a few panoramic presentations using those wonderful colors and tones in fairly equal proportions. Probably cropping off 1/3rd of the bottom and using the first wave above the light as the top. You could consider burning a little of the sunlight on the left side to a slightly darker hue to match the right side tone and then I’d frame it and put it on my wall.


Yes, the foreground is in shadow from a massive rock to my left, and the rock is covered in mussels. I was close to the rock, maybe 30 or 40 feet, shooting at 105 mm.

I tried a bit of a recrop as suggested, and I like it! Thanks. Also burned the sunlight down even further than I had initially and did a little dodging and burning in the “mist” to up the contrast slightly.

Thank you for the input. I think it does make for a stronger image now.