Recollections of Tranquillity (Final)

So I posted another version of this yesterday over at the critique forum. I would like to thank @Lon_Overacker for some excellent feedback allowing me to come to a conclusion over final edits.

This image was taken during the mother of all snow blizzards in one of my favourite local locations. Usually a very calm and beautiful place, now it was beautiful in a whole other dimension. Thanks again Lon.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.
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Mattias, your image conveys the icy atmosphere immediately to me. The fallen trunk makes for a wonderful ground to my eye and allows me to explore the impressive structure given by the tree and its branches.


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Thank you for those kind words @Peter_Richter

Love the blizzard. The way it covers the entire frame creates a really nice uniform and natural texture.

Makes me think of Antonio Aleo’s work with snow and blizzards, he uses DOF really intentionally to create a ‘splotchy’ texture with out of focus, blurry snow in the foreground to a sharp background. I think it’s really effective but sadly we don’t get much snow here - maybe some inspiration for you?
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Hello! Thank you for your reply and feedback. Hadn’t heard about Antonio Aleo but now he gained a new follower. Thank you for pointing him out to me.

The has a very painterly look Mattias. The light and motion created by the driving snow are wonderful.

Mattias, You really captured the look and feel of that snow storm in this image and I like it a lot! The old oak tree is impressive with with all those branches and the fallen one adds even more to the mood of this image. Great composition too!

Hello @Nick_Bristol @Eva_McDermott. Thank you both for your kind input.