Recommendations for an SD card reader

I just bought a new computer that has no card reader, so I need to get one. My computer has both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt ports.

Any recommendations for or against any reader, and why?

And where did you buy it?


I wound purchase on line at B&H photo, any one of the customer highly rated options.
A plug in device (with no cable) may be easier to use if they exist.

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If you have UHS-II cards you should get a reader that supports that capability to take advantage of the read speed during download. Lots of readers out there that are UHS-I only. Still can read a UHS-II card but won’t take advantage of the speed.

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I don’t really have recommendations for or against any reader - they are all the same to me. I just got a small portable one off of amazon that has no cable and is the size of a flash drive. When I get home from a trip, I start the import, and then start cleaning and packing my stuff so I don’t really worry about how fast it transfers.

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Thanks, @Keith_Bauer, @stevenm, @Brent_Clark. I didn’t know about the UHS distinction. My cards are UHS-I. I think I prefer the cabled devices due to the cramped quarters on the computer at the ports. I’d like to get one with a Thunderbolt connection but those are $$$.