Recommended sources for photo gear reviews

Hello community!

What are some recommended sites for quality and trustworthy camera and gear reviews? I use YouTube, but find that often leads me down a long rabbit hole. Any good blogs or websites putting out quality content?


Hi Wes
I have used and, for my camera and lens reviews.

I have used DPReview. Their reviews are very detailed, and well written.

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I’ve been a follower of Photography Life for years and their reviews seem to be honest and straightforward.

Thanks all for the resources!

Don’t forget Dxomark. They actually give you their measurements when ranking a camera of lens rather than good, above average, etc.

Their measurements, however, don’t tell the whole story. For example, color management varies greatly from sensor to sensor yet nobody measures that because they assume that it all can be changed in post processing. Dynamic range, however, is given great importance even though in my opinion it’s less important than color.

The reviews are valuable but should be taken with a grain of salt. There are nuances you discover about a camera after buying it that weren’t obvious from the reviews.

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