Red-footed Cannibalfly

While looking for Clearwing moths in my Monarda patch late yesterday, I spotted this Red-footed Cannibalfly. It is much smaller than the ones I photographed last summer, so I’m guessing that these grow as they mature (this one was only about 1 cm in length). (7D2, 180 macro, 1/100 s, f/8, iso 1600, tripod, cropped to 4x5)


What a perfect place to perch. The perfect parallel position makes for some great detail. Fab! Unusual choice to put it so close to the right side when I think most people would have opted for more negative space over there.

A dandy photo mark. Really well done. Nice and square to the camera, tack sharp, lovely pose and perch and a clean complimentary bg. I also like the composition.

Hi Mark,

This version is fine as posted. Comp, BG, and sharp subject are excellent. Once the adult has emerged from its pupa, it will not grow any more. So your fly is just one of the small sized individuals of this species. Awesome photo.

Mark, what a great look at this little guy. He really posed so nicely for you. That smooth green BG makes him and the leaf stand out nicely. Brown and greens, you can’t go wrong there. Fine details in the fly.

Wonderful portrait and setting, with fantastic detail in the eye!

Jim, thanks for the info on the growth (or lack thereof…) for this robberfly.

Mark: I had to bring this into PS to see the largest version. (I’ve been away from the site for a while, has this been an ongoing problem?) Anyway, the eye details especially are impressive. I almost wish the BG had some texture to complement the perch and critter but it does show off the subject nicely. Top notch. >=))>