Red Running man

Orion nebula
Core blown out, big crop.
Taken 4/8/2020, Stub stewart park, Oregon

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D610 astro modified camera
300 f2.8 lens with 1.4 tc
45 -90 sec, light images,
20 dark, 20 flat, 20 bias
PP in Astropixel, Capture one, Affinity photo


Amazing what’s out there in the night sky. I really like the detail you’ve captured, but to be totally honest, not too fond of the green stars. JMHO

This is really cool. It’s so different that I have no suggestions. I think this sort of image appeals to fans of science fiction. But there is real beauty in those clouds.

You got good definition of tonal detail here. The Running Man shows up very well. Interesting colors – outside of using narrowband filters and assigning “false colors”, I’m curious how they are obtained. Is the IR sensitivity of the converted 610 that strong, to get so much red? Where does the green come from?

Diane, I am not sure.
The files are crazy good. The camera was converted by Spencer Camera in Utah. They took off some filter?, put on a HA filter, put a heatsink on the sensor and it made the camera a stop faster at least.
The files are pink and in daylight look nice, like rose color sunglasses.
They are not infrared looking at all. It would make a nice flower camera…
I have to almost desaturate the night frames, you get so much color and definition.
The D610 is apparently one of the best full frame cameras to do this with. Most of the cameras they convert are older cheaper Canon crop sensor which are supposed to work well.
This was a first time out in semi dark sky with this converted camera and I am still on the low end of the learning curve for both taking and processing.
I was shooting at iso 200 in bortle 4 and blew out the core in 90 seconds at f4.
It is pretty sensitive. Not an Astro camera by any means, but it might be fun.
This was also not that much time, 65 minutes and M42 is getting really low in horizon so
I am hoping for good results in better conditions.

Awesome shot and I like the results of your processing. We usually do not see this much sky detail in lower Michigan so I’m glad that you were able to get this image. Awesome…Jim