Red tailed Hawk taking Off

Caught this RTH intake off - in a split second it caught the vole - I missed the actual swooping in but got the vole in its beak:-)

Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

The pose and look from the Red Tail is really beautiful. The image as presented is overexposed by quite a bit. The whites are not quite blown, but very close with no visible detail. I sure hope you have detail that you can pull out in the RAW file.

Thanks @Keith_Bauer

I redid it - much appreciated

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The repost looks much better. It is a dandy pose with full tail and wing spread a head turn and good eye contact. At take off yet. Very well done.

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The repost is great, Karl. You caught a beautiful angle with great wing position and tail spread. Having that initial high exposure without quite blowing the whites tends to make for great image quality (once you tone it down). I like the spread of the treetop in the background. Well done.

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