Redwood Intimate

I used a light fog for the background in this one. I was actually shooting the tree bark on this tree before becoming aware of this composition. That tree had some fascinating green mold streaks growing on it.

D810, Tamron 24-70mm

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Igor, So far this is my favorite of your recent coastal scenes. I think all of the elements work really well and create so much interest for the eye to explore. The tree bark is fascinating but you also left enough room to look beyond into the distant fog and the forest detail. The foreground ferns are a nice touch and my only nit is I might like a bit more of them, but that is minor and maybe not an option.
The color is spot on for me.
Really nice work!

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Outstanding Igor. I love this. Yes, the green on the trees is apparent, but for me this image is all about the impressive, ginormous and intimidating redwoods. These are giants! yet you’ve chosen really just a small slice of their immensity.

The trees to the left and fog provide context and great mood and atmosphere. The redwood sapling comes to life as one can’t help but notice - “I want to be just like you when I grow up…” :smile:

If I had a wish, it would be to either A. include more of the ferns or B. exclude them all together (see my post to Blake in post just before yours.) I think there’s enough ferns to be ok, but just on the edge of wanting to see more, or none. Pretty minor/picky though.

Love this - Great work!


Yes, I struggled with that during the composition. The trouble was that there were raspberry bushes between me and the ferns and there were too many people watching for me to do anything about it. :open_mouth:

Removing the ferns is not an option I’d consider seriously.

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I like this composition Igor. For me you left enough to the imagination that I became intrigued, wanting to know more.

You captured the mood of a redwood forest very well. The composition highlights the enormous size of mature redwoods compared to other trees. And the soft light is gorgeous.

Intriguing. I think this is very well-processed and very well seen, too, Igor. I like how the fog adds a lot of depth to the image. What has really caught me off guard is the white tree and that somehow bothers me a little bit. It seems to compete with the barks in the foreground. Its juxtaposition with the darker tree to its left in the image is also very compelling and I think that contrast is what’s really competing with the foreground trees. It is not necessarily a bad thing though. I like image that makes me question what I am seeing.

Yes, @Adhika_Lie. I’m trying to contrast the two worlds. I even tried to cool the fog world to enhance that point of view but wasn’t pleased with the results. So I let the composition do it. I’ve got several composition playing with this idea.

Hi Igor,

I like it as presented. Well done…Jim

I agree with Jim. This is just right as presented. At first, I felt it to be too green, but after viewing it for a while, I think it works as it is, To me, the ferns add an important sense of depth. The higher key processing looks very nice.

Well done, Igor.

I like this a lot, Igor. I like the diminishing scale from foreground to background as well as the gradient from sharp / high contrast to softer and low contrast. The color looks great. Nicely done!

This is an outstanding woodland scene! I like the slightly higher high key approach as well as the light fog which does a masterful job of letting the BG fade just a bit from the two dominant FG redwoods. I am really enjoying the textures of thee bark on the redwoods. To bad about not being able to include just a bit more of the ferns.

At first glance this is all about the FG but upon deeper inspection, it becomes about the BG, at least for me. The mood and mystery of the BG is so appealing I wish there was more of it. I know that wasn’t your intention but I would love to see an image where the BG/FG relationship was more like 65/35 instead of 50/50. Now, back to your intended composition. The moldy green bark is wonderful and I love the contrast between the green and the reddish area where the bark is missing. I agree with Lon about ferns - I would definitely like to see more of them. A beautiful scene for sure.

I’m really enjoying this image. I love the composition and especially enjoy what you included on the left side. That adds such a wonderful feel and mood to this beautiful scene. Nice work Igor!

I like the left side a lot, nice & moody. I too would like more ferns, but it sounds like that was not possible.