Reflecting on fall water


Description: Another from a series I make during Fall foliage most years of reflections of hardwood trees and the sky in the ripples of water. It is always a magical afternoon.

Specific Feedback Requested: Any and all

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony 6000, 1/200, f/13, 120mm, ISO5000 with adjustments to tone curves and cropping in LR

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Beautiful shot! I love the contrast with the ripple lines and the swirls. The variety of colors you got from fall as well makes it all that more interesting as well.

Wow, John, this is just beautiful! I love the colors, ripples, all of it. So much to enjoy in this image.

Major home run in my opinion John. It is very nearly a sort of physics lesson. I envy you this secret reflection spot and will take this opportunity to more closely study the waters in my reach which give reflections. Obviously, not all moving waters are created equal. Am now wondering what you are doing with this portfolio, as this one should be printed about 4X5 feet and hung in the lobby of a large office tower.

This is a very exciting image. I love the vibrant colors and the shapes and patterns, particularly th circles. It’s very dynamic.

I love the contrast of the calm left side and the fiery passion exiting on the right. Beautiful shot, John.

Colorful for sure, John. There is so much energy and movement going on with this refection it reminds me of the 60/70s psychedelic art. Love it!

Many thanks to all of you for your kind and generous comments. As @james7 suggests, “not all moving waters are created equal” and this small stream is a gem when conditions are right. I always aim for peak fall foliage in Central Vermont, and a sunny day with blue skies and big white clouds. It has to rained enough for their to be some flow but not too much and it helps if it is above 40F as working in the water is pretty much essential. This part of the stream has amazing flow with lots of variations and the color is from the row of tall hardwoods on the far bank. I’ve been more than once when it was a bust, but when it is good, it is very, very good.

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Awesome image! Just fascinating. I especially love the blue, swirling shapes.