Reflection Patterns

Badwater still had some water when I visited DV last month. I had a lot of fun wandering around and exploring the patterns and reflections.

D850, 24-70mm


My kind of image, Harley. So beautiful with the “honeycomb” pattern and contrasting color temperatures. My only nit (and it’s a very very minor nit) is about the LL corner, I might dodge it just a tiny bit so it’s not too “dark” if you know what I mean.

I love this reflection image, with the gorgeous colors, snowy mountains, and shapes in the water. All of this screams Death Valley, in a good way. I can see why you had lots of fun with this. Great result!

Outstanding one, Harley. Very recognizable for those who know this area, but still a very impressive abstract overall. A truly unique, refreshing, and enjoyable photo from this location in DVNP… :+1: :+1:
I assume this is a sunrise with the Panamints in the BG maybe? … :thinking:

I think that this is great Harley.

Your comp has some great shapes but you’ve managed to also give us a hint to the mountain range which drew me in wanting to see more.

An outstanding one for sure, Harley. Love the patterns and reflections very much. Well seen and captured.

Must have been amazing wandering around there! Including the reflections of the mountains, with their warmer tones was really clever. I like this as presented.

Harley, this is real nice. Lovely colors and patterns. No nits here.

Harley, this is indeed an exceptional piece of creative landscape photography for me. I especially appreciate the transitions from near to distance as well as from cold to warm tones. All this is combined with excellent technique to my eye.


Harley, great use of the light and the colors are beautiful. The best part for me is your inclusion of just enough of the mountains to engage the viewer and have us wanting more.

Well done, no nits from me.


Man, this is really good, Harley. Great patterns and mix of cool/warm tones. Processing looks good. I downloaded and tried flipping 180 - it becomes a bit of a mind bender in that orientation.

Going a little abstract on us eh Harley? Very cool! Beautifully seen and captured. This is an awesome image!

As Adhika mentioned, the color contrast is wonderful with the mix of warm and cool tones. I think I also agree with his comment on the LLC. Very minor actually… but when an image is this good, might as well squeeze every drop and make it even better. But if you did nothing else, this is outstanding as presented. Kudos!


I like this very much Harley. One cool idea would be to just have an image with only the blue streaks across the mountain reflection, I.e. eliminate the sky.

This is a very impressive image Harley, it is an outstanding abstract. I love how the blue salt rings that stand above the water also carry into the mountain reflection area. Processing is very well done, I love the look of the blue colors here. No nits from me, I love this as presented.

Love the abstract qualities you have captured here Harley. No nits from me.

Sweet! I love this abstract, Harley. The warm and cool tones work beautifully and you have just the right amount of the mountains along the top edge. I also like thee shapes of the salt rings and the way they merge with the warmer tones of the reflection. Great eye to spot this unique and engaging image.

Wow and wonderful! The color and color gradation is super. No nits at all.