Reflection Records

Playing around with different shapes of reflections in a harbor in Oregon. The color comes from the fishing boat in the background, so I was able to play with different color palettes along with the different shapes in the reflection. This one caught my fancy as there are a couple of spots where it looks like an LP record or CD.

How does this strike you? Thoughts and comments welcome!

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m open to hearing how you react to this image and if you have any thoughts about processing or other creative ideas I could apply to it.

Technical Details

Nothing special, one frame from my Fujifilm X-T3

1/950 sec
ISO 1600
Gentle processing in LR and PS

Hi John, fascinating water abstract image. The green combined with pockets of blue really pull me in along with all of the patterns. The exposure looks good to me. I know it can be tough to do control the edges of the frame but to me the bottom right corner looks a little cut off. There is a small sliver of white in the upper left near the corner that can be either cloned out or cropped in. Regardless, this is a fantastic abstract image!

Thank you Alfredo. This was endlessly fun shooting these. No two were ever alike. Great call outs on the corners…I’ll make those edits. I cleaned up so much on the water surface that I think I stopped “seeing” the other things. Thanks!

It’s always hard to figure out the edges in these kinds of images. Where do you crop for the scene while not cutting things off. I think you have a great comp here and the colors and shapes are fantastic. I think a crop from the bottom to just remove the lower left corner shape would work nicely. This would look fantastic printed large.

Thank you @David_Bostock Good idea. I’ll give it a try!


Just goes to show that images, abstract or not, are every where. I’ve been on the docks of marinas on occasion and love the reflections of all the boats, fishing apparatus, etc. etc., reflecting in the waters of the harbor - endless possibilities.

And this one is fabulous! Great colors with green base and little discs of blue - oh, and I see the LP! very cool!

Like David - it seems the biggest challenge is finding the right edges… Do you crop, clone? how to decide? I was contemplating crops… and can’t find a clean one that includes all three of the blue patches. And so the only suggestion I have would be to clone that sliver of white along the top edge that Alfredo had already mentioned.

Great fun, great eye and great abstract!


Great reflection image with unusual colors. One idea could be to use the blue dots as the main compositional elements and decide upon the crop based on that : So, an uneven number of blue dots placed within the frame in the most pleasing way. Regarding the crop you have shown here, I would then suggest to have a little bit more of space for the blue dot at the right border.

Thank you for the kind words Lon. Like you, I can’t seem to find a clean crop I’m happy with. I think I’ll just get rid of that sliver of white and call it a day. Appreciate your thoughts on this!