Reflections off a sandbar

Shot in Florida while I was traveling with friends. The water was warm and clear. I tried my best to capture what I saw while standing in the salt water, ankle high. The flora that grew underwater seemed airy and free-flowing. Any CC welcomed. Thank you!

This is my first post. Please let me know if there are any tags that I may have missed!

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Can share these specs if anyone’s interested. Currently traveling and don’t have access to the original raw.


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Hi Peter, this is a really beautiful abstract looking image! You really captured it well. I don’t really have any feedback except that I just like it because I think it’s really unique! I’m sure others will have something to add or help you with. Welcome to NPN!

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Greetings, Peter, and welcome to NPN. This is quite an interesting view of tropical waters. It’s mysterious, but light at the same time.

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Lovely shot. The subtle colors combined with equally subtle texture from the grass is a nice combo, and you got nice balance from the ripples.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thank you for your interpretation, Bonnie!

Thank you for your feedback, Max! :slight_smile:

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