"Refuge" - Florida Coastline - 2018

This is a recent image from a personal project I created with the goal of forcing myself to get out and shoot during the FL summer. I decided to shoot the same stretch of my local beach with different approaches each time. Wide and low or mid focal length isolations, into the sun or down the shore with the sun out of frame, high tides or low tides, before the sun breaks the horizon or after, etc. It has produced much more varied work than I expected and has been great to keep the creative juices flowing during a time when I normally am not motivated to shoot much. I am hoping that pays dividends with the fall/winter excursions I have planned when the conditions are much more to my liking. I hate hot and 100% humidity at 5am!!!.

I plan on posting a few more of these and would love to hear everyone’s feedback! (I know this isn’t the critique forum as I consider this image to be at a stage I am content with, but have no issue with anyone providing critiques if they see fit)

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Canon 5DSR, 16mm, 1/2sec @f/14, ISO 100 (for primary exposure)

If this is a composite please be honest with your techniques and share some details so others can learn:

This is a focus stack for the foreground as well as an exposure blend to handle the dynamic range. Blended manually in PS.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.
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Great shot, I love the rocks in the foreground as well as the slight blur in the water. You guys always seem to get the most amazing sunrises and sunsets down in Florida.

The sky looks absolutely amazing and painterly, I like the shutterspeed for the water, and the foreground is intriguing but not overly distracting… This is really great, nice job!

Thanks a lot for checking it out and commenting @David_Nilsen and @Brent_Clark.

David, I wish I had some sunset locations nearby so I could sleep in and still shoot, but I’m grateful to have a solid sunrise spot at least. The skies here can be really good on occasion, but they always seem to be incredible on the west coast of the state for sunsets over the gulf. At least with the sunrises, there are few, if any, people around so I really shouldn’t complain.