Repost to remove jet contrails, Sunset over the Potomac.

Heavy aircraft use as we are about 45 min. from Washington, D. C., South. Potomac is about 2 miles wide at this location.

Type of Critique Requested

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Choose this location to do test shots with a “lens ball” and decided to do a couple of panoramic shots as the lens ball wasn’t doing well.

Technical Details

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John Wayne, I really like this. I’m not as up on landscapes these days, so I will let those that are better at that give any critique advice. For me, I love how you anchored the corner with the old boat. I used to live in Woodbridge, VA and worked at Quantico, right beside the Potomac, so you brought back some good memories. Thanks for sharing.

You are very welcome, Shirley. I don’t do a lot of landscapes, usually macro shots. Just obtained the new Olympus OM5 and 90mm lens. All small critters better look out when the weather is better. This camera does a good job of focus stacking within the camera itself. It also does a great job of bracketing shots.

Congratulations on your new camera equipment! How exciting. Yes, I am waiting for warmer weather and the bugs, etc. to start showing up in the yard. I bought the Canon R5 last year, and I really like it. That animal eye detection is fantastic for birds/animals, so we will see if it works on some of the insects too. I haven’t tried focus stacking yet, but I understand that it works well in camera too. Looking forward to seeing your macro shots especially.


A very warm and inviting seascape. And first, thank you for the backstory and info on the boat - at first glance, I’m sure everyone wishes for more boat… but I think you’ve done a great job incorporating it given what you have described.

The “rivers” I’m used to in CA one can throw a rock from shore to shore! Amazing the river being 2 mi wide! Certainly looks like a huge lake or sea! But that really doesn’t matter, I think you’ve captured a wonderful scene.

Great job on the contrails - and wondering why not go a bit further and remove the green flare? I hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and did that, but also cropped much off the left which I hope actually brings the boat MORE in to prominence and feels like a bigger part of the story. Of course it may not fit your vision and that’s ok! But thought I would post an alternate view.

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thanks for sharing!

Thanks Lon, your improvements improved the view and I appreciate your thoughtful comments. The waves on the Potomac River at this point can reach up to four feet. The boat had been cut on the bow from port to starboard, stood up with the bow pointing upward and used as a background for couples getting married. The wind and waves finally toppled it over as you see it.

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I like the warm tones here, and how the wave creates a perfect leading line to the sun just above the horizon. I do prefer Lon’s crop as it feels a little more cohesive. Nice work!

Thanks so much, Bret.