Resizing a composite in PS

When I take multiple shots planning to blend in small areas to prevent large pure white or pure blacks, even on a tripod (but not using a cable release), the two images show shifts of a few pixels. When I blend the two in PS and flatten the image, I then have a shot with tiny white edges where the shifts were. Is there a way in PS to select the entire primary image and use that to control the crop (to maintaining the original pixel dimensions)?


I select the layers to be aligned and use Edit - Auto Align - Auto. It does an excellent job of it.


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Two things I’d recommend. As mentioned above, I would first try Auto Align in PS. If it doesn’t get it right, press “Ctr+T,” turn opacity on the layer to 50%, then nudge it with your keyboard arrows.

The other recommendation is to blend it using luminosity masks vs hard edge masks. Luminosity masks are the ultimate resource for all things blending and painting in masks.

You have misaligned layers and it is easy to fix.

First, put each image on its own layer in single photoshop document. The darker layer on top. The images cannot be smart objects. If they are smart objects, right-click and rasterize each layer.

To align the layers you have a few options mentioned by Jesse & Ronald.

  1. Use Photoshop Auto-align per Ronald workflow.

or 2) use Jesse workflow. Select the top layer in image stack, adjust/lower opacity. Command V top layer and make adjustments with up-down arrows. Once aligned, change opacity back.

or 3) for very tricky images Stack images. then Change the blend mode to difference or exclusion and adjust opacity. Command T the top layer and move image to align with your up-down arrow keys. When images align, accept Command T changes by pressing check mark on the toolbar. Then change blend mode back to normal and opacity to 100%.

or 4) Use my preferred method, Tony Kuypers TK Action V6. The TK CxV6 extension module has automated the Stack and Align function down to two clicks. quick, easy & accurate!