Return To Smokies

After being gone for 6 years and living in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, I’m back in North Carolina. I took a quick day trip to Tremont last spring and came back with the g/f for a full weekend fall trip. Good to be back here and shooting film.

Tachihara 8x10, Fuji Velvia, Schneider 210mm, 60 seconds at f-45

Looks like great color Michael. How’s it been back there? We’ve been better than average in the Northwest. This was taken on an 8x10? I bet that would make a glorious print.

I love scenes like this! A beautiful stream in the woods shot! Nice work Michael.

Great to see you back on the new NPN Michael. Great scene and format for the 8x10; Even though I never used 8x10, I still miss the large format and film.

Brilliant composition and wonderful material. I would love to see this as a print!