Return to the Sea

After a coastline hiatus of many months the conditions were looking just too good to pass it up. It had been a summer of clear blue skies and flat grey skies, not much in between, so this was a welcome change! Loved the sun rays from behind the cloud bank.

A7RIII +16-35 f4 + CPL
Foreground - iso 200, f8, 16mm, 1/4"
Dynamic range blended for the sky



For me both come close to anathema for landscape photos. You amply demonstrate why! Things get a lot more interesting in a hurry with a few clouds and variable light.

Beautiful, Michael. Great light, scene and I really like how the V forms such a nice lead through the image.

Really well done. I like how you can see the bottom through the water yet have white water as well.

Beautiful image Michael! I most especially like how the incoming, rushing wave is contained within the frame; in other words, it’s not bleeding off the bottom edge. Very effective! Great work!


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Exquisite light and wonderful composition Michael. I also like your chosen shutter speed. The water and sky look very painterly.

@Hank_Pennington Thanks Hank, yeah even just a few clouds can make all the difference.

@Harley_Goldman Thanks. Getting up close really emphasizes the lines and shapes in the frame.

@Igor_Doncov @Lon_Overacker Thanks guys, yeah it was really important for me to have the water contained within the framing of the surrounding rocks. I sat here on this comp for maybe 10 mins, shooting off a burst of 6-7 frames every time a wave rushed up. I came away with like 70 shots to choose from in this exact same framing.

@Eva_McDermott Thanks Eva, yeah, I’vee really refined my preference in SS choice 1/5 to 1/3 of a second is generally my go-to.

Gorgeous light that you processed so well!

Just gorgeous, Michael!
Regards, Ingrid.

Michael, this image is really breathtaking for me. The relationship between near and distant elements as well as the interplay of water and rocks make for a most appealing tension to me. Finally your processing is spot on to my eye.