Right side border Update 2

I used a 6D ii and the 100-400 with a 1.4x . 1/30 f/25 iso 500 HH. The subject looks pretty god but I am not sure what to do with the right green part of the plant. Is it ok. I just thought of a way in PS to remove it but if you think it is ok,

Dean, I love the pose he gave you, and the perch he is on. He seems a bit bright to me on my monitor.
In answer to your question, since it is the only green in the background, and running down the edge, I do find it a bit bothersome. The bright running along the top left and across behind him seems a bit distracting as well. I’m thinking maybe just draw back the exposure a little would help tone down the green, the other bright spots in the BG, and help with the DF as well. Just my thoughts. See what others have to offer. I love how he is angled for you. Great details in the wings and body as well (probably because of the f25. Nice color combos too.

Dean, I really like this photo. Great pose and great color. The green border does draw my eye a bit. It would be better gone, but either way, it’s a great photo. Is it a little soft around his eyes, or is that just me?

Dean: Good comp and perch and except for the least little bit of softness at the eyes the dragonfly is captured really well. I agree about taming the green edge and the ULC. >=))>

Here is a update on this photo using the suggestions posted from Shirley, Terry, and Bill


Dean: Really nice work on the repost. Just what the doctor ordered. :+1: :+1: >=))>

Dean, this is a fine look at what looks like a Blue Dasher although the blue in his abdomen is much darker that the ones around here. The red in his perch contrasts well with the blues. Your fix on the right isolated the DF nicely. Assuming he would let you, taking a step to your right would also have removed that green stem.

Thanks Bill and Mark. Mark, I went back to the original photo and I agree. I used the adjustment brush on the abdomen and pulled the exposure back, I reset that I adjusted only the highlights.

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