Rio Grand Gorge

Bottom of Rio Grand Gorge

Road to Taos Moutain with hill in shadow.

These are images for @Marv who requested some Taos images here are two for a start. If there is interest I will tell the stories.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and All

Technical Details

Lumix S5

Oh backlit trees. How I love them. Depending on what you’d like to convey, cropping differently could be pretty interesting - say just the trunks, lower limbs and reflection or the upper limbs and background. The fuller frame is neat, too since there’s that one greener tree. The second one is interesting, too, but has too much emphasis on the sky for me. A scroll crop with just blue sky is pretty dramatic.

Thanks @Kris_Smith
I just posted a separate image on the landscape critique. Several folks pointed out the same. So I did 3 progressive crops, over there.