Ripples & Dunes

Low-angle light at sunrise plays on the surfaces of the Mesquite Flat sand dunes in Death Valley NP emphasizing the forms and textures of the dunes as well as the ripples on their surfaces.


Welcome to NPN! Beautiful and wonderful dune image from Death Valley. The graphic quality and light/shadow work beautifully with the b&w. Thanks for posting and hope to see more!



Thank you for your kind remarks. I am familiar with your fine work.

I was a passive observer for years on the earlier iteration of NPN during my photographic development. Many fine photographers were members at that time who no longer participate. I took advantage of what was posted and the thoughtful comments that were made. I learned a great deal and continue to work to improve.

I plan to post more images in the future.


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Your B&W processing really adds to this scene to bring out the texture and shadows.

Thank you Dan. It is a labor of love.

Really enjoying the light, shadow and textures in this image. Wonderful b&w work!

Thank you, Nick. Great venue and wonderful conditions.