River Bottoms

With all the high water we have had through spring and summer I have not had a chance to get into the Wisconsin River Bottoms until now. Yesterday morning I headed in there with the conditions being just what I love. We had light rain, lots of mist, light fog and with some sunlight breaking through at times. The river bottoms were quite a mess overall but still quiet and mysterious as I always think of them. Mosquitos were bad and I stumbled over hidden logs and trees underwater along with tall grass and brush but finally came away with this picture. I was soaked, my boots full of water and I had a smile on my face.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
Canon 5DMK4, 24-105L @40mm, ISO 50, F/16, 1.3 sec. CPL but only dialed in some because I actually liked some of the light reflected on the leaves.


Very beautiful work. A green explosion

Thanks Antonio! I appreciate your kind words. Cheers!

Damn @Nick_Bristol… this is really nice. Perfectly processed with an elegant composition… That light is beautiful and overall the image gives me a great sense of calm. Great shot!

Nick, there’s a backwater area about 5 miles from me that I haven’t visited this year. This is a great reminder of the joys of areas like that with the back lighting of the lush greens and wild willows. This looks like a great canoe/kayak spot. It’s a beautiful, inviting scene.

TJ and Mark, Thanks guys. Really glad you enjoyed this picture. Making pictures in the river bottoms is always a challenge but I sure do enjoy getting in there when I can. Really appreciate your thoughts on it.

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Great job Nick, I really like this! Every time I see your images from the Wisconsin River I kick myself for STILL not having been there. Been too busy this summer! Please keep reminding me with great pictures :slight_smile:

Hey Brent, Thank You! I’ll try and do that. Maybe we will meet up someplace one of these days.

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Lovely greens! I’m enjoying this image very much.

Very nice, Nik. Wonderful greens, and the leaves in the water make this one.

Thorsten and Preston, Thank you! So glad you guys enjoyed this! Cheers!

Just gorgeous Nick! I thoroughly enjoy your images from here, not matter the season or conditions.

Lon, Thank You! I’m so glad you enjoy the images I make in the river bottoms and it is a special place for me. Once again they are flooded with 6.5 inches of rain this week so I might not get back in until winter. Winter is one of my favorite times however.

Mr. Bristol. You have produce a first-rate image here. I love the complex balance of the black trees against the green vegetation. Very difficult to bring together, I think. I looked at it for a long time before deciding there is nothing I could do to improve it. Best Wishes. Joe Holly.

Joe, Thank you so much for giving me your thoughts on this image. I so much enjoy these river bottoms when I can get into them and love trying to capture the wonderfully mysterious looks and moods they have. Thank you, Nick

As smile on one’s face is well deserved. You get a sense of quiet stillness along with implied motion through the composition. I like it.

Harvey, Many thanks for the kind words! So glad you like this. Nick