RMNP Regional Shindig (Meetup)!

Hey @RMNP photographers, the shindig is back and is open to all current and past NPN members! @Brent_Doerzman and I are organizing this event which has been a huge success in the past. Brent has generously offered up his work space to host the event again, the last one was in 2014!

We would love to see a shindig happen in other areas as well, please contact me if you would like to volunteer to host your own shindig!

What it is

The shindig is a get together for NPN members to meet face to face, drink some beers and have a laid back good time with friends, and to meet new friends. We will have a white elephant print exchange which is optional to participate in. There will also be giveaways of books, ebooks, and more…

What to bring

  • Bring your own beer, soda, water
  • Bring some munchies like chips, cookies, veggie plate, etc.
  • A camp chair if you want to sit, most people stand though.
  • One of your favorite prints for the print exchange, if you want to participate. Can be a loose print, framed, duraplaq, whatever suits you. You pick the size. Please cover your print so it is a surprise!

How to get there

Sign Language, LLC

275 Mariposa Street, Denver, CO 80223

Directions: from both north and south, your best bet is I-25, exit 6th Avenue, going east. Turn right onto Kalamath Street, go three blocks south, turn right on West 3rd Avenue. Go west two blocks, take left turn onto South Mariposa Street. Sign Language is right on the corner. Proceed half a block, turn right into open gate, park anywhere in there or on the street.

Parking: Plenty of parking available inside our fenced in area on Mariposa, as well as on the street of both Mariposa on the east and 3rd just north of the building. See the yellow shaded areas on the aerial photo.

Entrance : Enter at the door marked on the aerial photo here, it’s behind all the hanging banners on the east side of our building. The main Sign Language entrance facing Mariposa (275) on the corner will be locked. I’ll have signs up with some directions.


Looking forward to this! It’s always great to catch up with so many friends!


Looking forward to this!


It’ll be good to met everyone. Thanks for setting this up @Brent_Doerzman and @David_Kingham


Just a little update, we have 25 people who have confirmed they are coming already. The RSVP count doesn’t include some past members who we’re in touch with via email.

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Wow! That’s a big party.

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Another update, There will be giveaways as well!

Duraplaq - will ge giving away gift certificates for their plaque mounted prints and will also bring samples of their products and new stuff they are working on!

@Erik_Stensland will be bringing some of his books for the giveaway

@Bret_Edge has donated some of Laurent Matres’ books along with giveaways of his own ebooks


I’ll be there! Are boudoir photos allowed for the print exchange?

I will be there and am looking forward to it!

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Yes, if Todd Caudle is the subject. :slight_smile:

Bill, we’ll make special arrangements for you! Giggity!

Cindy and I will be there and bring a big plate of deviled eggs.

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Count me in, looking forward to it!

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