Robber fly

I was exploring my Butterfly milkweed that’s just starting to bloom, when I noticed this Robber fly perched on a grass stem. It was very cooperative, letting me move in close three different times, as I tried different aperatures and then went inside to see the results. This is a 3 shot stack, because even at f/25, I couldn’t get into a position where both the eyes and the abdomen were acceptably sharp, due to working near 1.5 life size or stop the motion from the breeze. (7D2, 180mm macro, 1/160 s, f/13, iso 800, tripod)


Oh wow, Mark, this is quite a nice look at this Robber fly. The details are amazing. The background makes him stand out nicely too. I am glad that he was so cooperative. Great shot.

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Mark,…nice image of the robberfly, and their usual stance on the plants. Nice and clean bg. These guys have started appearing here this season
Balan Vinod

Hi Mark,

The 3 image stack worked out well for this robber fly. Have you tried to work on the shadowed areas of the eyes for a little more detail? I’m looking at this with my phone so I may not be getting the finest look at this gem. Awesome…Jim

Woah, this is just amazing detail. Great work with the discrete focus points.

Mark: Fearsome looking critter and a great capture, especially of the eye. Really well done. >=))>

Fearsome beauty! stack has worked very well. Perfect background. lots of details on the insect. Subject well-positioned. Overall, great image!