Rocky Reflection

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any and all

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70mm f/11 0.8sec iso 100

The colour, tone, and texture of the rock are really fine. I also know how difficult it can be to crop when everything is so beautiful. But I don’t think the 2:3 aspect ratio is helping this image. Yes, the green up at the top is really nice but isn’t what this picture is about, in my opinion. This image is about, as you say in your title, the reflection. I think this image would be strengthened by cropping down from the top. I’ve posted a version at 4:5 which I think makes this picture that much more compelling.

Thank you for the input @Kerry_Gordon . It interesting because I have two versions of this image, the one I posted and one cropped down to the size and content which you posted. Ill post just for kicks. Actually not sure why I chose the one I did, could be the additional green.

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This is very nice Mario.
Beautiful textured scene.
Kerry crop is spot on, in my opinion.

I agree that the crop works best to really keep our eyes from wandering. The little puddle was a nice find. The texture of the rock and the contrasting color works well with the reflection. I like the bulbous shapes in the rock, they also contrast well with the flatness of the water.

Count me in for the crop being the much stronger image, Mario. I really like the hint of blue sky in the water. Well done.

Good eye. I am joining the others with the tighter crop. Another option, depending on how you feel about it, is to move the upper green staining further down in the composition. I am not sure that would improve on the cropped image as posted, however.

Thank you @Kris_Smith @David_Bostock @Kerry_Gordon @joaoquintela @Don_Jacobson for your comments and crop suggestions. Yes I believe the crop works better to isolate the reflection.

Little late here, but I love this. The contrast of the little blue-sky reflections with all the red rocks is wonderful. I’m with everyone on preferring the 4:5 crop. I think a bit more room to the right of the little puddle would have been nice, but maybe that wasn’t possible.