Rolling sunrise

I’ve been digging into the archives & had another attempt at this shot.

Composition: the idea was to use the triangle/diamond shape of the rocks in the foreground to lead the eye in with the help of some water movement, up the centre to the frame then towards the sun/sky which has cool looking white light beams coming up.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I’d love to know if there’s anything I can do to help lead the eye where I want it to (the sunrise & brightest luminosity point) & also whether or not the colour combination works

What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

single base shot with a couple more to help blend in the foreground water, dodge/burned in camera raw with other adjustments in there also

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Fantastic composition and WHAT LIGHT! First, there’s a little spot of what looks like a cyan hue just above the bottom of the V shape in that little lip of wave there. It just catches my eye as it’s the only bit of that color in the image, should be a quick fix to blend out to be more uniform with the hues of the other water. I’d probably want to dodge/burn the water right along the edges of the V to add some depth and dimension to those really great and strong foreground elements. Doesn’t need a lot, but just a ‘once over’ might take it to the next level.

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Dale, this is really nice. I don’t know why there’s only one other comment on this!

The light is incredible, and the composition does a great job of leading the eye there. The shutter speed looks great, and processing does as well.

I only have a couple comments, both pretty minor. I see a few dust spots in the darker area of the clouds that need to be cloned out. The other is that I find the dark area of rock on the right edge just below the horizon to be a bit of a distraction because it’s quite a bit darker than other areas of the photo. Maybe that could be lightened up just a bit.

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Hi Dale,
This is such a beautiful composition and I absolutely love the light in it. Your colors and processing are both very pleasing to me.
When I look at it, my brain wishes there was just a little bit more on the left hand side to slightly center the V shape, because you hate to lose any of that right side. Out of curiosity, I cropped it slightly, and then very lightly (like 5%) dodged just a couple of the leading lines on the left and center in the water. I’m curious if you think this slight crop draws your eye through the frame to the brighter spot, or if you think it loses too much on the right?
Anyhow, it is a beautiful image, and I would be excited to have one similar in my collection! :slight_smile:

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