Ruby throated Hummingbird Costa Rica

At least I think it’s a Ruby throated Hummingbird. We don’t get them in the Pacific Northwest but there are so many amazing hummingbirds in South America and Central America.

Type of Critique Requested

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique


Technical Details

ISO 1000, 500 mm PF, F8, 1000th, fill flash at low setting, D500 moderate crop


Nice look at this hummer. The plain background really makes it stand out, and he’s on a nice perch. Good color; that throat flash is often difficult to get.

That’s a very appealing look, especially at the throat. I like the angle, and the splash of green at the bottom. Nice shot!

I agree with the others that the background really brings out this bird and the colors as well. It is a great shot.

What a cutie. I don’t think it’s a ruby throated, but I’m not 100% on that. Lovely pose and I like that it’s perched. They fly off too far for me to get a perching shot. Have only ever taken one and I was in the kayak of all things! Have you tried masking the bird and lifting the mid-tones a little? I bet that would give it some zip. I just love that one little foot.

Wow, that’s a sensational image, David. I personally wouldn’t change a thing.

Excellent detail and the gorget really pops against the green background. I also like the hint of foliage at the bottom of the scene.

I like the details you got in all this guy’s feathers, David! Looks real good against the silky smooth background. I wish I could help with the ID!

Beautiful. Love this just as it is.

Hi David, really nice details and composition - I like the perch rising out of the out of focus elements in the lower part of the image. Sweet background. I don’t think this is a ruby-throat as the gorget is purple but I don’t know the specific species.

A nice perched shot of this little one. Background works nicely as does the small perch to pair nicely with the hummer.

I find the bird to be a bit dark and a bit flat.

I’m attaching an edit.

I don’t think this a Ruby Throated, but without knowing more about where in Costa Rica, it is hard to say with certainty.

I think it is a Magenta Throated Woodstar, but again that all depends on where in the country.

PS. Your posted image did not have any color profile embedded so it is hard to tell what viewers are seeing versus what you have on your computer.

This looks like a male magenta throated woodstar. Ruby-throateds have a more scarlet red gorget and short, slightly forked tail with white pots. I like Keith’s edit which brings out some of the more suble colors in the plumage…Jim