Running Dog

The Heart nebula 7500 light years away viewed at this angle is sometimes called the Running Dog.
I removed most of the Stars for this version.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D610 modified
300 f2.8 lens
Star adventurer tracker
56 -120" light frames
18 dark, 20 flat, 20 bias
PP in Capture one, Affinity photo

I can see why Heart Nebula, but am having a hard time with the dog. This happens to me a lot with constellations…like ok sure…whatever you want to see up there, I’ll go with it.

Thanks for sharing these and for creating them in the first place. Much like macro stacking it seems like a long post-processing process.

I am enjoying your astrophotography presentations. It is not something we see around here much and is an attractive change of pace.

Thanks Kristen, can’t you see the grinning Dog face at the top of the frame? Legs down and tail running to the left.

I’ll have a bourbon and get back to you! :laughing:

Extremely cool image @Dan_Kearl. Is the red cast natural? This is very interesting! Deep space imagery is fascinating.