Running from the water update 2

I was at Crystal Cove SP in California and found this small bird, is it a Sandpiper?

Specific Feedback Requested

I wondered about the crop. I think this is ok because it shows the water on top and still brings out focus on the main subject. That said I am still not sure if there is a better way to crop. All there was more water on top and more sand below. Any tips on birds welcome

Technical Details

R7 EF 100-400 ii f/4-5.6 w/1.4x extender. HH and was down very close to the sand. ISO 500 (auto ISO was set) f/11 1/1000 PP Lightroom Classic and Photo AI from PS. I always use filters as a smart filter


I like that pose of the Sanderling (?) very much in its typical environment. Also the comp you got by getting low. I’d lower the whites on the bird’s rump a bit. Nice shot!

Love this action shot you captured, Dean! And how the bird is looking straight at you. It does look maybe like a type of sandpiper or whimbrel? I’m sure someone will know. I really like the composition.


A nice look at this sanderling. They resembkle little wind-up toys as they run where breaking waves recede from a beach. Fine as presented…Jim

Thanks for the feedback, Mike, Vanessa, and Jim. I did darken the rear just a little bit and it does not seem as bright now, so that helped. One thing about birds I am finding is they move fast. This lens combo is f/8 open wide, so a lot of light is needed to get a fast enough shutter speed without getting motion blur. One tip I learned from a video with these birds is to just sit and wait. I was close to the water line so I just needed to wait for a bird to run towards me away from the water.

Hi Dean
The head turn and front leg lifted give me a cents of this Piping Plover’s agility. The framing work for me, if anything I would brighten up the incoming waves, to add a little drama to the shot.

Thanks, Peter. I will do that. I wasn’t sure on the water.

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