Sad news to report

We have lost David Chauvin, an NPN member who posted a lot on the old site. I did not know David myself, but I know he did amazing work in the swamps of Louisiana. May he rest in peace.

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Sorry to hear that. He was a nice guy and an excellent photographer. RIP, David.

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Sad news indeed. While I never met David, his photography was an inspiration. Rest in Peace.

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David, I just learned from @Igor_Doncov yesterday about David’s passing. I had met with him on a number of occasions in Louisiana. I now know why he never responded to my emails asking him to post on the new site. We’ve lost a versatile talent in landscape, macro and avian.

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So very sorry to hear this. Thanks for letting us know David.

It’s true that most of us here have never met. Yet there is that feeling of community that when you eventually do meet other members, there’s already a connection. I’m sure it would have been that way had I met or known him.

My condolences to his family.


Truly very sorry to hear this update. Although I did not know David too well I really did enjoy his images from his part of the world. Some of my favorites were those swampy iconic bald cypress trees.

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I was wondering if any of his work could be re-posted here to see ?

This is sad to hear. I really admired David’s work and his kind manner.

My prayers for his family.

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@Ed_Fritz, I went to NPN 1.0 in the archives link from the home page and poked around until I found David’s gallery. Hopefully the link works.

I have to say that IMHO, David’s images of the Cypress set the standard of excellence. Take a few minutes to peruse his images.


He had the best Swamp photos of any I have ever seen…
I have missed and will miss his work.


@Lon_Overacker thanks for the time to find and then post the links. I’m looking forward to seeing his work.

Wonderful work. He certainly had a passion for his hometown swamp. Very inspirational almost churchly images I also found his [website]


David was a good guy and excellent photographer. I enjoyed looking at his posts on NPN. He will be missed, but not forgotten………………………Jim

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Sad news indeed. David was a wonderful photographer and his work was an early inspiration when I joined this site. I will miss him.

Very Sad news, indeed. David was an exceptional photographer, and a good friend of Ronnie Gaubert, another excellent photographer, who passed away from ALS in 2011.

Such sad news. I followed David on the old site and loved his images of little tree frogs. A gifted photographer and a great person. RIP David.

Ronnie was also a good friend since about 2002, he actually introduced me to David. Ronnie was always fun company and never a dull moment. I miss them both.

Sorry to hear this. David had an amazing artistic vision, and his work (as well as Ronnie’s) was important inspiration for me.

David’s photos from the swamps of Louisiana are absolutely amazing. I never met David, emailed with David or anything with David, yet I remember his name from those photos he posted on the old NPN. I guess this is the definition of a photo legacy. Certainly something to be proud of and aspire to.

Such sad news. Ronnie introduced David to NPN and in many ways, I believe Ronnie was his mentor. Though we never spoke in-person or on the phone, it was evident that David was hit hard by Ronnie’s passing.

Both great photographers, both sorely missed.

Don’t know what to say. That is very VERY sad news. While I never met him, we did exchange pictures a few years back. He was gracious, and open, and a true lover of nature and photography. I really hope his image archive can be preserved. It would provide great memories to those who knew him and inspiration to anyone exploring natural light.

Please do visit his website. He had an amazing eye for composition and his processing was always perfect. David will be sorely missed on many different levels.