Sand Art

The black soil washed onto the beach could be some mineral deposits …here is a closer look at the patterns

6DII, 24-105, ISO400, f9, 1/40
Balan Vinod

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Art indeed, Balon. This is a wonderful abstract. The placement of all these diagonal lines (especially where they intersect the frame edges) looks to be very well thought out, nicely done. What is most striking to me about this image are the strong blue tones. I’m not sure if that’s due to being in shodow, or to your processing. But either way it doesn’t matter, this image works well for me.

This looks like a glass. Super cool image, Balan. So easy to miss this kind of image while walking on the beach. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Ed. The riveulets were flowing in from a mountain …and as you said …the shadow of the mountain.

This is a beauty, Balan. Excellent vision and execution on your part.

I like this abstract. The diagonal lines and the colour contrast work well together for me.

Balan, this is an amazing abstract to me, with most interesting dynamics and textures. It must be stunning as a large print.