Sandstone Torso

Cove Bay, Moray, Scotland

This beautiful sandstone shelf had collected sand in some shallow depressions along its length to form a sandstone torso and a white dusted sand rib cage with a breast plate running through it. At least that is how I saw it when this delightful area revealed its many treasures.

Fuji Xt-1, 55-200 zoom, f/16, 1/30 second, ISO 200.


Lovely colour and light. My first thought was lemon peel :slight_smile: - nice capture

This is very nice, Ian. I love the pale, understated colour palette but I wonder if a bit of dodging and burning might help to bring up the texture of the stone just a bit more. I’m not sure about that though because the low-key nature of the image. This is a true abstract - I had no idea of the scale of what I was looking at, which makes this image all the more intriguing.
I see you are using an Xt-1. If you haven’t looked into DxO Pure Raw2, you might take a look. It is a Raw Conversion app that is so much better than what Lightroom is capable of. I’ve been using it for a couple of months (on @David_Kingham 's recommendation) and have been blown away by the results especially in terms of micro sharpness. It could make a very positive difference in an image like this one.

Thank you Kerry

Actually I don’t use Lightroom any more mainly because I hate subscriptions in fact I stopped at Lightroom 4. (something). Currently I use Capture One for Fuji cameras and the Fuji Xt-1 had a bit of a nasty accident so I changed to a Fuji GFX50S. I have heard that Lightroom wasn’t terribly good with the Xtrans processor probably fine with the more conventional GFX Bayer sensor.

It actually took a while for the folks at DxO to step up but they finally expanded their program to handle the Xtrans sensors found in the Fuji systems. I’ve never used Capture One but I hear DxO Pure Raw is superior when it comes to RAW conversion (which is essentially all it does).

Ian, this is so cool. I love the abstract feeling but with the sense of movement as well. Very nicely done.

I too have dropped all Adobe products and use Capture One exclusively for all my processing with Fujifilm cameras. I haven’t found that I’m lacking anything but sticking to one tool. I do have Affinity Photo if I need a pixel level tool, but hardly ever need it.

Excellent image.


Wonderful image. Never would have guess Scottland! Of course we are greatly influenced by the copious images from the American Southwest. Sandstone from around the world, welcome here! :slight_smile:

Comp is wonderful and I like the gentle undulation of the lines - made nicely by the sand.

Not a huge deal and my only nit/suggestion would be to deal with the greenish markings near the ULC. It’s not the presence of the marking, but the color being inconsistent with the rest of the image. Other than that, well seen and captured.