SanJuan Ouray

Recent trip to Ridgeway, Ouray and Silverton CO. Unexpected clouds provided a nice sky for this image

Specific Feedback Requested

composition and processing

Technical Details

150mm f/9 1/5 iso100


Mario, this is a beautiful shot. The lighting on the clouds and the tall peak is very nice. The greens on the side hill look good. The only suggestion l have is that the three lightest areas at the top of the clouds seems a little too bright. Maybe darkening those areas just a bit would help blend them in better with the other parts of the clouds. Very nice photo.

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Gorgeous scene Mario. You had some great light for this shot. It’s nice to see you posting once again.

Thanks…good to be back!

Good to see you back, Mario! Beautiful photo. That light is really special. As @Donna_Callais mentioned, I think you could benefit from burning the brightest parts of the clouds so they don’t pull the eye quite so much. Wow, that’s a lot of dead pine trees. Bark beetle is just reeking havoc everywhere. Thanks for sharing, Mario. Hope to see more of your work again.

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I like the dark layer at the very bottom. It keeps it from looking as though the trees are entering from the bottom of the frame. It keeps it from having that chopped look. You have devoted an awful lot of space to the trees though. The sunlight hitting the top of the ridge keeps it from being homogenous and adds a lot.

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A great image with amazing light. I like a lot the strip of light on the tree ridge,

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Hi @Mario_Cornacchione,

Really nice image. I really like the golden light you captured here and the contrast with the darker trees in the foreground. I think the clouds look just fine. To my eye, there seems to be a little too much empty sky in the upper left hand corner of the frame doesn’t really add anything to the image, but, because it is bright, attracts the viewer. Also, there is some artifact to the left of the clouds that looks like a tilted C. Here is a suggested crop with the artifact enclosed with a rectangle.

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Thank you all for your comments and time @Ola_Jovall @Patrick_Campbell @Igor_Doncov @Donna_Callais @David_Haynes

Yes not sure what that was but I got rid of it. Thanks

Hi @Mario_Cornacchione,

Love the image in an incredible location. I was in that area three weekends ago for the first time and fell in love with everything around Silverton. I maybe would of cropped in on the left hand side of the image a bit to reduce some of that empty space at the top but the light along the tree tops leading down to the valley is spectacular. Fantastic image!

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Gorgeous image! What a grand and spectacular mountain landscape! The late light is just gorgeous - oh, sorry, repeating myself…

Initially I was thinking this was too close to a 50/50 composition with the large triangle of foreground trees… But this is all so nicely balanced between those trees, the mountain landscape and the fabulous sky. Even the tiny patch of fall color being lit up plays a huge roll in this splendid image.

I don’t mind the open space in the ULC as there is a least some cloud interest there to help fill that void. If anything, it’s the bare patch on the top of the mountain slope that is more of a distraction for me - so in the end, for different reason, I would agree to a small crop off the left. But you know what? I think your original as posted is just beautiful.

Can’t argue with all the comments saying we’re glad to see a post from you! Hope to see more! Welcome back!


This is a stunning view Mario with the golden light and layer of elements.

Maybe a fiber? It’s a lot less painful to catch something like this BEFORE you make a big print. :slight_smile:

I agree with all the above as a beautiful shot! Technically fabulous, no lost tones, shadows and highlights quite well-rendered. Color warmth even felt in the foreground shadows. Sense of depth is quite profound with obvious fore, middle and backgrounds in the sky. Nothing is left empty and the eye moves comfortably around, appreciating the glories of each part of the scene, almost better than standing there in person.

Thank you @Lon_Overacker @kerry4 @Delaphotos @Eva_McDermott for your kind comments and suggestions…appreciated.