Sarsia RIP

Had a little route around my backyard this evening, found this abandoned beauty lying there

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any thoughts on captue / composition / processing. Please, all comments welcome…

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Does this image envoke any emotion to you? If so why?

Any pertinent technical details:

A7r3 / Zeiss 16-35 / Tripod / Single shot
ISO 100 f/11 18mm 30sec

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Great leading lines, John. I love the gritty look of the environment and it’s contrast with the city across the water. I think you could play with the lighting values in the foreground and on the derelict to give the image a bit more pop, but this is fine as posted.

I like the light and colors. My one suggestion would be to apply some keystone correction, to straighten up the buildings and smokestacks, although you may not have enough room at the top to do that, you may end up chopping off the boat’s mast.

Hi Dennis
Thanks for your comments. It’s interesting what you say about the foreground. I will see what I can do to bring some of the key elements more into play.

Hi Alberto
Thanks for your reply. I’m glad you like the colours. I had to put a bit of focus into this during post as the light wasn’t as good as I had hoped for.

Tried keystone but didn’t have enough image available to pull this off without unacceptable amount of cropping. Something I’ll be more conscious of going forward


I like the image a lot, John. The mood is set by the bluish tones and the dark fg - a certain melancholy descending. I agree with Alberto on trying to straighten up those buildings in the distance - they do distract my eye a little. The comp is excellent, with that diagonal leading the eye straight to the main subject.

Hi Ian,

I’m grateful for your time and critique, glad you like the comp.

This is my first attempt at capturing an urban landscape scene. For me, straight edges are probably less an issue in the natural world, or at least something I tend not to focus on too much. Have to agree, those buildings don’t look great. Only realised this when it was too late, whilst sat back at my computer! Thanks for pointing this out, it’s certainly one thing I’ll be mindful of next time I mess with architecture.

John: Technical issues aside, this is a well seen and captured scene. Makes me wonder how long it’s been abandoned and also wondering what this boat would have looked like when brand new. I bet that old hull has some stories to tell.
If you don’t mind, what can you tell me about the 7RIII. I’m real close to pulling the trigger on one and always value input from a real user. Thanks. >=))>

Hi Bill,

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It’s a scene that I plan to revisit, hopefully in some better light next time. There are all kinds of interesting things littered around these docklands. Wouldn’t mind betting on a few hidden gems, just waiting to be winkled out.

I hear there’s a lot of folks switching over to the Sony system nowadays. I’ve had the camera for around 12 months now and I’ve been loving everything minute. It has performed flawlessly for me and is great fun to use. Feels really solid and well made.

For me, it’s key feature has to be the sensor which has an incredible dynamic range. This provides amazing image quality along with super low noise. It’s also nice to have all those megapixels to play with.

The customizable functions on this camera are simply awesome. You have so many options for different set-ups and to suit your own style of shooting. Once you have everything set the way you want, the camera super easy to use.

Now that Sony has such a wide range of quality lenses to choose from and the battery life issues are a thing of the past, I can’t recommend the A7r3 more highly.

John: One other question if I may. I’ve been a Minolta/Sony shooter for years and have a small fortune invested in A-Mount lenses. Are all of your lenses E-Mount or do you have some A-Mounts and using an adapter? If you have an adapter, which version and how has that worked for you? Thanks again for any input.

Sorry Bill, difficult for me to comment on adaptors. All my lenses are bought brand new for the camera, they’re all E mount.

All I have right now is the holy trinity. I reckon these 3 lenses cover 95% of what I can imagine I’ll ever use. May add to the collection in the future but I’m in no great hurry.

In my experience when it comes to camera gear, one thing that really holds their value is lenses. Unsure what kind of money your’s would fetch on the 2nd hand market but it may be another option worth considering?

Forgot to mention, the A7r3 comes with an APS-C crop sensor mode. OK, it means you sacrifice some of your 42 megapixels but this effectively converts a 200mm lens in to 300mm, etc, etc