Save Ferris

The famous Ferris Bueller quote, ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it’, aptly describes how this scene unfolded.

While focused on snow geese, flying atop private land just outside the limits of a National Wildlife Refuge, this group of blackbirds started flying overhead. There wasn’t time to change camera settings or remove the teleconverter. Only time to frame and react.

I suspect the birds were riding an air current as the moved along. And in this particular moment the path was winding. This form in conjunction with the early morning light presented an abstract scene that still is still anchored as a wildlife image. The path from bottom left to top right allows the viewer to follow along in the journey and experience the full color shift.

Then as quickly as the scene appeared… it disappeared.

Technical Details

Composite: No
1/1250 sec @ f/6.3; ISO 12800; 1EV; 140mm

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This is a cool image, that has to be enlarged to reveal its beauty! I really like the subtle colors, and the somewhat faint bird diagonal.

How cool is this! As Ola said it needs to be seen full size to be appreciated. I love the flow of the birds in the frame and the gradient color. Congratulations on an awesome image.

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