Save for web in photoshop cc 2020

Hi, I seem to have a problem when converting from RGB to SRGB it might be something I accidental did in my settings in the save as window. I have a BENQ SW2700 Monitor, my calibration one is set up for RGB, my calibration 2 is set up for SRGB. I color correct on the RGB side then do a sizing to SRGB thru TK7 sizing for web, I also used other sizing programs same problem, which changes everything over to SRGB, then when I go to Save for Web Legacy and save everything I go to the SRGB side calibration of the monitor but the colors are not as vibrant, actually a bit dull. I have to bump up SAT to +15 or 17 which to me is not normal. I usually leave the “preview “in “use document file”, but now I noticed that when I switch to"monitor settings” it’s closer to the RGB settings. I am a bit confused now on what to set the preview to” file settings "or “monitor settings”. I used to have a Dell monitor which was SRGB and always used the file setting always looked fine ,might have to bump the SAT to +7 from time to time. Any suggestions on what I’ve done wrong or am I having a senior moment here??? The above file show the settings I am using. I use WIN 10 and Photoshop CC 2020. Thank you for your time. But then on the other hand the last photo i put up on NPN came out great, I’m really confused.

@Danny_Laureys It is best to use " Use Document Profile " for Preview. This gives a more accurate idea of what the image will look like on other monitors.

I use TK Sharpen for Web, but before I do that: In Photo Shop, I duplicate my image, flatten the image, Set the Mode to 8-Bit and then Convert the profile to sRGB (Edit>Convert to Profile).

I also use Legacy Save for Web. My settings are similar to yours, except that I check “Embed Color Profile”.

Honestly, I do not use any other software for editing images. I like the consistency of only using Photo Shop. Things can get confusing when other programs are used because the conversions may be handled in different ways, which can give different results. This is just my opinion.