Sawtooth Sunset

I captured this image in the High Sierra last month. I had just finished shooting a fiery sunset at a ridge overlooking this scene and had packed up my camera and was heading back down to camp. My buddy was still shooting the afterglow at this small tarn and I decided half-heartedly to join in. It turned out that the more subtle colors resulted in my favorite image of the evening. Appreciate any comments, suggestions.

Canon 5DS R, 16-35 f/4 @ 25mm, no filters
ISO100, f/13, 2 sec, double raw processed to retain highlights in the sky.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This is wonderful, Dave. This is a lovely timberline scene that has a nice glow to it. The processing looks spot-on to me.

For some reason, the large boulder on the left just below that group of trees catches my eye. But, that is minor.

Great color and detail and of a perfect Sierra evening.

Nice! This looks just about perfect to me. My only nitpick would be the bright corner of the underwater rock in the bottom left corner, at the bottom edge. I would burn that down or clone it so it doesn’t stand out from the rest of the underwater rock.

Other than that, fantastic image. I never seem to get light like this when I’m in the mountains.


Beautiful and tranquil scene, Dave. I would second Thorsten on the LLC rock, but not a biggie at all. This stillness conveyed in the image is excellent.

Just gorgeous Dave! Other than the little bit of rock in the LLC, I wouldn’t change a thing. Wonderful High Sierra landscape and reflection. Yummy.


Oh wow. Very nice, Dave. The cloud is just perfectly shaped and positioned in the image as it echoes the ridge line very well. It is perhaps the LLC rock, but I think the image is somewhat crooked and needs a little bit of CW rotation.

Dave, those are amazingly jagged mountains (living up to their name…). This is a lovely scene, with the sunset colors and near perfect reflection, that looks great.

This looks like the perfect way to end the day to me. The warm color in the sky along with that in the water is simply fantastic. I think what I am enjoying most about the scene is the subtle warm glow on the landscape.My only suggestion would be the already mentioned rock. Wonderful image.

Boy you have some nice Sierra stuff Dave; this is another great example. Lovely.

Beautiful Dave. I envy your opportunities at these alpine locations. They really make me feel old, “like could I even get there” old. Just wonderful. If I had any suggestion, it would be to crop some off the bottom to just above the submerged boulder In the FG. May not even be an improvement, just something worth a look.

Dave: Beautiful scene superbly captured. I might like to see the shadows opened a touch but this works very well as is. Most excellent. >=))>