Scalloped Rock

This image is of a rock wall at Sunset Beach in Shore Acres State Park in Oregon. It was taken with an iPhone.

Any feedback is appreciated.


This is beautiful Chris. Reminds me of the native american sand paintings. Wonderful texture and rhythm to the image. Very nicely seen and executed.

Another from Shore Acres - I’m quite intrigued now. This reminds me of a shelf fungus. It’s lovely as presented - did you do any processing?

Wonderful colors, textures, and patterns. Well composed.

Yes, now that you mention it, it does look like a fungus. This is from some time ago and I know I edited it in Snapseed on my iPad. I’m sure I used HDR and Detail.

Thank you. It’s all about the texture and pattern.

Chris: Shore Acres is coming in early for this challenge. Love the textures and patterns and goes to prove that you can make a good image with just about any camera if you have vision and ability. Well done. >=))>

Beautiful textures in this image. The highlights almost give it a sort of emboss look and brings out almost a 3D feel to the image that i really like.

Chris, your capture of the scalloping looks great. I’m thoroughly enjoying the big swirls and how you’ve positioned them in the frame.

Thanks, Mark. I loved the patterns that were in the rock wall.

Simeon – what a great description of the photo. Thanks.

Thanks, Bill. Yes, Shore Acres is a wonderful place for rock patterns and textures.

You’re right, it does look like sand paintings. Thanks for your feedback.

Excellent abstract study of lines and tones. Very well done.

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