Scratching an Itch

Female Anna Hummingbird.
D610, 600mm (300mmf2.8 w/ 2xtc), f7.1, iso2000, 1/2500, Handheld
Any comments appreciated.

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Beautiful detail, Dan!

Feather detail is top-notch. Love the pose and its feet. My only critique is that the perch has some obvious hand of man involvement. You really get the most out of that 2x TC,

So that’s the shutter speed it takes to stop their scratching foot! Great catch and very well photographed, Dan. The detail in the bird is superb.

Lyle, no hand made involvement at all,
A broken branch on a Nine bark bush. I wish it was not broken and try to clone a better end with no luck.
This is completely natural. The branch is less than 1/4" diameter.
The little bird perches on it most of the day, It is an easy shoot…

Interesting. The clean break on the branch fooled me. Wish I could get some hummers around here as tame as you have this one!

Good job on the tight crop. Nice to have some sun. I think this works as a tight crop because of the diagonals in the image. The Anna’s up in Olympia seem to have a little more darker green in their heads.