Scratching the Itch

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn: D500 600mm f4 +1.4x TC (1/1000 sec at f8.0, Iso 500) Crop for comp, levels, shadows & highlights, brightness & contrast. When you have a large mitt adorned with sharp claws, you have to get spruced up for the photogs. This is a young female snowy owl that was waking up from her late afternoon nap. The bird is perched on top of a duck blind with corn stalks zip tied to a metal frame. I left the zip tie in the shot for now. Enjoy…Jim

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What a gorgeous photograph of a gorgeous bird!! The zip tie is no big deal, as the bird is steals the show!

Jim, gorgeous , crisp shot of the owl and great position.
The top half of the image is really nice.
Mixed feelings about the zip tie and old wood piece - to me, they detract a lot.
Very envious of your having snowies!

Thank you for the critiques and the EP. I figured that this one fit the Human Fauna category. Photographers have been chasing these birds around and I was able to stay just outside the edge of her circle of fear. She was very relaxed and did not mind my presence…Jim