Seagull at S. André cape

This images are very dear to me for two different motives. They were taken on a day that I made my self slow down and think about the shot (something I need to work more) and made me discover a kind of new kind of image, wave shooting.
Initially these weren’t my favourite images (the sun bursted the highlights and the rock were too dark) but now that I processed them (and maybe there’s was a better way to PP them) but I just loved them for the power of the waves and that runaway seagull, for the sun and the colour and for no reason at all. Most of all I thing that I just like them because I had a great day shooting and hopefully these images can mimic the feelings I had that day.

Details: 1/1600s f/8 ISO 800 @105mm

Details: 1/2500s f/8 ISO 800 @105mm


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