Seal Rocks Sunrise

What technical feedback would you like if any?

It’s a sky swap from the same place just a different day so I’m wondering if the sky/foreground matches & whether or not the reflection in the foreground pool makes sense.

Technically are there any things I can do to help the composition & how do you find the colours work?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

love anything

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Yep so it’s a sky swap with two images put together using masks and camera raw + dodge and burning

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Hm, interesting composition, Dale. I definitely love the leading line created by the pool to the distant rock. But I am not a big fan of the rock wall on the left. I think it is somewhat awkward (somewhat unbalanced with the right hand of the image) and perhaps it even detracts from the 3D feel in the rest of the image. I can’t think of a crop that would help it. The sky looks believable, the reflection does, too, and the colors are quite nice. I hope to see more from this place, looks like it is a target rich environment.


Hi @dalegphoto,

This is a lovely image. For the foreground and mid-ground, you seem to have shot at nice angle to pick up the depth of the shadows and contours of the rocks. You also seem to have captured the image with a wide dynamic range of tones. I really like the water flowing off the rocks in the background and greenery surrounding those rocks. This location has a good deal of potential, so great find!

I do agree with @Adhika_Lie, regarding the rock on the left creating an imbalance of the weight of the image, between the left and right sides of the image. I’m wondering if you could have moved forward onto the foreground rock on the left or even further up. This would also allow you to zoom in on what I think is the more interesting part of the image, which is the aforementioned water cascading down from the rocks in the background and the colorful green moss on those rocks.

Lastly, it would seem there’s some clipping in the shadows. I would recommend increasing the blacks and shadows to bring out more details in darker parts of the rocks.

It’s a nice image, but I’d love to see what else you can capture from this location, if you still have ready access to it.


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Great image Dale. I didn’t realize it was a composite until I read your description. You did a great job blending the images together. I would echo the same comments above about the rock blocking the sky on the left side. To try to balance the composition more I would suggest a 8x10 crop to get rid of some of the foreground. I hope you don’t mind I tried the crop here.

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I rather like David’s rework. I would raise the shadows on the left cliff above the horizon. That may help with the balance people are commenting on. The brightest area is on the left side so it’s not that far off balance.

Hi Dale,

The sky looks natural to me. I would go crop out the wall on the left and introduce some warm light coming into the scene instead. I did this by colour dodging with a really big soft brush and changing the blend mode to soft light. I then blended the light into the mid tones and highlights using blend if.

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Suggested rework with crop:

I thought the original was too elongated and the very bottom didn’t have enough information. I also feel that the cliff has a positive contribution to make.

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