See your image processed live by Sean Bagshaw!

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To celebrate our new Image Processing Challenge category we wanted to up the excitement to another level! Sean Bagshaw will give a live demo showing how he would process your image. Sean is a world-renowned Photoshop and TK Panel expert, a professional teacher, and an all-around awesome dude.

Though Sean won’t be able to cover everyone’s images due to time constraints, he will be selecting a few submissions that will best showcase his techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true expert! To ensure your image is eligible for consideration, be sure to submit before May 29th. All existing submissions are eligible as well.

Anyone can register to watch the live event for free, but you must be a full NPN member to submit images. If you’re not already, please consider joining today! Space is limited on the Zoom webinar, so be sure to register right away. This will be recorded and available to those who register.

About Sean

Sean Bagshaw is a landscape and travel photographer, photography educator and experience junkie based in Ashland, Oregon. He started taking photos in college to document his adventures in rock climbing and mountaineering, and later became a full-time photographer in 2004. He is passionate about exploring the natural beauty of the world and capturing it with his camera. He is also a member of the Photo Cascadia team, a group of photographers dedicated to promoting and teaching outdoor photography. Sean’s work has been featured in various publications, exhibitions and awards. He also offers video tutorials and workshops to help other photographers improve their skills and creativity. His video tutorials are highly regarded for their clarity, depth and practicality. Whether you want to learn about exposure blending, luminosity masks, composition or post-processing, Sean’s video tutorials will guide you step by step and inspire you to create stunning images of your own.

Website and Tutorials:

Hi there!

Great seeing Sean doing this! I wanted to ask if the “Submit” (your image) link works well? I tried to add my image this way, but it ended up in regular Image processeing Challenge category instead. Is this how it supposed to work?

Hi Andrzej, that is indeed how it works!

Thanks for clarification, David! Originally I didn’t write too much as I thought it will land in some waiting room to be picked up for the processing webinar. I’ll repost my image again, but with more information for everyone who would like to participate.

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No worries Andrzej, and to be clear, there’s no guarantee that Sean will use yours. Your still posting for everyone else to play around with your file, there’s just a chance that Sean may pick yours to demonstrate.

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That was clear to me from the start. I just didn’t thought it would be available to everyone as wel. But it does make sense in terms of learning & having fun at the same time. Thanks again for clarifying this!

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