Here is a little different take on Senja in Northern Norway. I actually crawled up this huge waterfall to shoot an image in the other direction, but when this light started to go behind me, I turned around and scrambled to find a quick comp. It turned out to be the shot of trip!

This is a very moderate focal length blend and focus stack to make the peaks a bit closer to their actual size.

Instead of using two different focal lengths in the field, I normally just shoot them at the same focal length and focus stack. After editing both files (or all if you needed several for focus) in Lightroom (identical except one is focused on the fg the other the bg) I open in PS and enlarge the background a small amount on the image with the sharp background. Next hand blend the orginal sized layer and the layer with the now slightly larger background together using a layer mask. Only takes a few minutes.

This may not be the best method out there, but it’s extremely simple and quick both in the field and in post:) Since I only enlarge the background a small amount, the image quality remains very high and again, it is actually closer to “real”.

I prefer this to taking two different focal lengths in the field as this gives me more area to make the blend, and I can decide if I want to do the focal length blend or not afterwards or leave it as shot.


Whoa, some serious “eye candy” here, Dan. Well crafted and processed!

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Beautiful, and certainly dramatic. Nicely done.

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Absolutely wonderful work, Dan. Beautiful.

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  1. This image is fantastic. Great composition, elements, and conditions.
  2. You just blew my mind with the fake focal length blending idea. Heck, if you had one exposure that was sharp front to back you could double process it.

Thank you for sharing both the image and the postprocessing notes!

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Wow mate - there’s so much interest in this frame and I really like the technique behind it. Without thinking about it too hard I’ve kind of done something similar in an image from Glacier NP I’m currently in the middle of processing. As someone who doesn’t shoot a lot of mountains or very frequently i constantly am surprised at how much my wide angle compresses them!

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Thanks everyone!

@Brent_Clark yeah for sure! I do the same thing with a single image pretty often when I didn’t need to focus stack.

@Sam_Ison Yeah, it’s amazing how small the peaks get especially with a 12. I have been taking a reference shot lately with the cell phone just to show people how much smaller the peaks are even after a focal length blend.

That’s a great idea mate!

This is a great shot! I love the green mountainside and how it looks against the color of the sunset and clouds. I love the technique as well, and perfectly executed here. I think @David_Kingham described a similar technique on a desert mountain composition a while back.

Remarkable color! And the detailed reflection on the fjord adds a lot, too.

This is just superb…The comp brings you all the way thru the photo, along with the attractive color.