Hi First ever post so quite sure how this works, hopefully I’ve got it right. Any critique gratefully received.
Sitting in the garden in Edinburgh, can’t go far because of the virus, on one of the first warmish days being serenaded by this little guy. Wonderful, nearly the full frame on 300 f4 on EM1 Mk2

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Hi Neil:

First, Welcome to NPN. I hope you find this site to be a valuable resource for your photography.

I really enjoy the calling pose and excellent details on the bird. That works very well. I’m bothered by the position of the bird in the frame. Not sure why the composition would cut off the tail. I think this image would have worked better as a vertical composition, and allowing more room at the bottom. Also not sure what the hard edged white thing in the background is on the left side of the bird. I’d look into cloning that out.

Welcome to the group. This is a very cool looking, nicely focused bird in an interesting pose. If only I could see all of its tail. I too constantly have to force my self not to center the “center of interest” in the frame. One field cheat that I might use is to shoot the subject with some wiggle room all around it then, in processing, frame and crop it to my liking. Just a thought.

Thanks both its amazing how I can look at my pictures and not see some fairly obvious flaws yet when I’m looking at someone else’s work I think how could you not notice that!!!
Just to show it did have a tail, same little Robin but between breaths unfortunately

Hello, Neil, and welcome ! Funny, no, how you overlook sometimes the obvious when it’s your own image ? Your repost is wonderful - even I would maybe see of the normal 3:2 ratio would work here. Look forward to seeing your images ! Cheers, Hans

Welcome to NPN, Neil. A nice singing pose on the first shot; too bad about the tail. The second shot shows a nice head turn and excellent detail. You might consider cloning out the white areas on the left as they do tend to draw my eye and could also see cropping to remove the white border on the right. Otherwise, a very nice complementary background. A beautiful first post.

Thanks guys. I have to say that I came here on a trial membership but having looked through some posts and getting such good and gentle advice on mine it made it a no-brainer to put my money down and take out a subscription
Final Robin version below

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Second one is my favorite. I just like more room in the direction the bird is looking. Well seen and well processed. About the only thing I would do if it were mine would be to remove the out of focus branch coming out of the head. Glad you’ve decided to join us and we all look forward to more of your work.

This is a beautiful little bird in a nice setting. It is tough to find a workable comp. with a busy-ish background like this, but I like the frame quite a bit. Really nice detail on the bird. Looking forward to more.

Hi Neil. Welcome to NPN and the Avian forum. this is a lovely first post and you got some great advice and made some really rapid improvements on this. I really like your final post. The depth of field and the lighting on the background are just awesome for my taste. I just love those out of focus branches and the patterns they make. The subject is well done as well. Welcome again and I look forward to seeing more of your work and your input on other’s images.

I love these little European Robins and would enjoy having them around. The singing pose is nice, but I too wish the tail had not been clipped. My preference is for the two image showing the entire bird including the tail, although I do miss the open beak of the first shot. Very nice detail and sharpness, and pleasing complimentary colors.

Thanks guys I have to say this must be the most welcoming site on the net