Shadow of Earth

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Welcome to the party (NPN). I guess this is the blue hour. I see this coloration in the sky here in the desert quite often (pink over the blue). Many of the tourists come out of their campers just to see this effect. I like your composition. The light is usually quite flat at this time but you have nice contrast throughout. Great first image. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Welcome aboard and a fine first post. You have nicely captured the earth shadow effect, with real nice leading lines leading toward it. Maybe burn down or clone out the white bits on the right wall, but not a real big deal. No other suggestions come to mind.

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Hey Mike! Great to see you here on NPN!
I think you did a great job with the edit - I like what @Harley_Goldman offered up as advice.
I find the yucca stem at center to be a distraction, but perhaps you feel differently. I wonder if a tighter crop would be good (or go back and re-shoot it from another position), lol. :slight_smile:
Cheers brother!

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Thanks for the feedback.

I see why the yucca at center could be distracting. I like it because it stands out and gives clearer context to the plant community. I shot a couple other angles but the blackbrush and Opuntia are critical context. anyway. a tighter crop could work out. Thanks again!

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Interesting. I am curious the basis and logic for burning down the white spots? Those are pretty vibrantly white in the scene and part of the texture of the limestone… in fact they represent the more natural color of red wall limestone. is the purpose just to make that part of the scene less distracting?

Thank you, I appreciate it! It is quite the phenomena to observe

That is exactly the intent of my suggestion. I find the white spots pull my attention away from my transition from the foreground, through the canyon and ultimately to the sky. It kind of stops when it gets to the white spots. My take, anyway.

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Totally man! I think these are often tough choices we make as photographers in nature - how do we balance our desire for environmental context while still making a pleasing image? It’s almost impossible to do both REALLY well at the same time. I think your photo is a solid balance between the two.

Thats why composition is the fun component of landscape photography. Its a challenge!